You can tell who the strong women are.
They are the ones you see building one another up instead of tearing each other down.

- Loubis and Champagne

Women’s circles and workshops

Do you want to connect with yourself and other souls on a deeper level?

Welcome Goddesses to a safe space where we will journey together. This will happen 'pop-up' style roughly once a month.

Join us for a special evening of meditation, journalling, partner practice, movement, breath work, and chanting. These circles utilise movement to help embody the concepts we will be working with, whilst also allowing time to verbally share in circle if you choose to.

For this circle please bring your journal and a pen. A blanket and pillow are optional.

Come be held in community, blossom, and grow. This group is open to Sister's from all backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, those who are non-binary, and to all whom identify as women.

Start arriving from 6:15. We will start 6:30 sharp and to honour the sacred space we are creating. Latecomers will not be able to enter.

See testimonials from women who have attended our circles before in the 'About' page on this website.

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