Feel Alive within your body and in life.

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What is Tantra?

Yup, lots of different connotations. Tantra is essentially a greater connection to self. By feeling connected, empowered and in love with yourself, you will also be able to relate to others (partners, lovers, family and friends) on a deeper, more intimate level. It has a sexual element to it but this isn’t the main focus. Tantra just takes the taboo off sexuality so that it’s not excluded from your personal growth journey.


Because it will change your life. Tantra puts the spice and feeling of connected-ness back into the everyday. Tantra is about feeling totally ALIVE within your body and in life. You’ll tap into your own capability, your self-worth, reaching your desires and yes, making the bedroom more sensual and electric!

Find out more by reading my blog: What is Tantra?


We will be using movement, breath and sound, individual activities, partner work and group work. Some practices you might already be familiar with are meditation, deep belly breathing and moving your body to music. 

Is this going to be sexual?!

No, not explicitly. Expect to interact with others through conversation, clear communication, eye contact and touch only in areas that feel safe to you (including no touch if that's what's comfortable). Just to be clear, these workshops involve NO nudity or touch in erogenous zones. We focus more on learning techniques that if you choose to, can be applied in the bedroom later on. You’ll learn about your own boundaries and will always be held in a safe container that upholds them. Confidentiality is paramount.

I’m scared!?

The idea to come and explore these concepts can be super scary. It’s very normal to have many fears both within yourself and in relation to other people (e.g. who will be at the workshop?  What about my partner at home?)

Read our Q and A section at the bottom of this page. If you’re still nervous, then get in touch with specific concerns!

Who is this for?

Everyone! And I mean everyone. Male, female and non-binary. Monogamous couples, singles, open relationship and polyamorous couples. LGBTQ+. ‘Young’ and ‘old’. Any size or shape of body. All religions, ethnicities and cultures. This is a 100% inclusive environment so show up as you are. We want diversity! If you feel a little tingling in your body or curiosity right now, then yes, this is for you.

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Questions and Answers

Can I work with my partner the whole time?

Yes and no. Part of being open to doing tantra work within a community is the beauty of learning off different people. The people around us are mirrors of ourselves and if we only see one mirror (our partners), it can restrict what we see and therefore our ability to grow, and our relationship to grow. Thinking about your partner interacting with someone else naturally can give rise to feelings of insecurity, vulnerability and jealousy. If you are willing to go there, this is all a part of the tantra journey and through clear and open communication, can actually bring you much closer to your partner.

BUT, this is scary stuff and not everyone wants to go there so yes, there are many opportunities for you to deepen your connection with only your partner. I will clearly disclose any activity that involves partner connection before we get into it so that people can choose to work with someone they arrived with.

Activities that won’t be briefed include dance (including the possibility to dance or make eye contact with others) and discussions.

Have a clear and open conversation with your partner(s) before coming to the workshop. Things to cover but not restricted to include:

  • What level of touch is appropriate with other people?
  • What do we hope for within ourselves?
  • What do we hope for, for our partner(s)?
  • What do we hope for in our relationship moving forward?

I would highly recommend you agree and stick to those boundaries. They are not set in stone. If you want to reevaluate them after any of the workshops, then please do so (just not during, and once it’s too late because you crossed a line!).

Congrats, you’ve started the tantra journey and the workshop hasn’t even started!

If this still isn’t for you that’s totally cool and thanks for respecting what you desire as a couple. I offer private coaching sessions outside of the community container. Please get in touch.

It’s also possible that I will develop a workshop series just for couples. This is just an idea at this stage but if you’re interested, please let me know and I’ll put you on the future mailing list.

I have experienced sexual trauma in the past and I’m worried I will be triggered

Firstly, I want to acknowledge what a brave step it is to look at tantra as a healing option for you. Indeed tantra has profound healing capabilities, particularly around sexual trauma.

None of the activities in the workshop will be targeted around going into pass experiences. We’ll be looking at the feelings you have in your body right now, that may have manifested because of the sexual trauma, but aren’t actually reliving the event(s). So for example the sexual trauma may have resulted in mistrust and anxiety in new environments. These workshops are interested in looking at how we can cope with the feeling of mistrust and anxiety and more importantly, what you would rather be feeling in new environments e.g. calm and relaxed.

You will probably be aware of what triggers you. Choose to stay within your own boundaries and if need be, I can pass on the name for a counsellor who can help support you afterwards.