What is self-love?

Deep down you’ll have your own definition of Self-Love. Self-Love is what allows you to answer these questions in full truth,

‘What do you really long for?’

‘If you had total confidence and compassion within yourself, how would you be showing up in the world?’

‘What and whom is really important to you?’


If you take a moment to really sit with these questions, you’ll feel what it would be like to have more self-love in your life. Everyone can and inherently deserves to feel deeper levels of self-love. Accessing it will completely transform your life in all areas. Self-Love is the heart, key and foundation for all your true desires to manifest and the incredible thing? Love is limitless and waiting for you.


More Self-Love could look like…

— Positive self-talk and compassion for when you ‘fail’

— Being able to respond rather than react in situations

— Supporting yourself in a loving way rather than reaching out needily for others or substances that numb you

— Allowing yourself to be seen and receive love

— Having the confidence to try something new and put yourself ‘out there’

— Having close, loving and harmonious relationships around you

— Feeling and then speaking your needs, truth and emotions

— Loving, listening to and honouring your body

— Having more creativity, pleasure and a higher libido


And you don’t have to do this alone anymore!

Breathe, I’ll be right beside you the whole way.

 We can work in person or online


After a session with me you may feel one or more of these things:

  • Empowered
  • Embodied and connected
  • Like you’ve moved some deep wounds
  • Equipped and supported
  • More alive with the ability to feel and experience more

And of course, more self-love, whatever that means to you!


Why will coaching with me work?

You may have tried other healing modalities or therapy and found it hasn’t fully worked or ‘stuck’. I use a transformative process that blends tantric practices and embodied coaching. This means that we train your mind, body and emotions to work together. If you’ve only focus on one of these in isolation, the change you’re after won’t last. We are whole, holistic beings and therefore the deep-rooted behaviours and patterns that we no longer want, need to be worked through in a holistic approach.


What will this look like?

We’ll have a conversation about where you’re at right now and where you would like to be. In addition to talking, I’ll bring in guided meditations, a daily centring practice, I might invite you to move your body in a way that feels right for you, perhaps make a sound or do some practices using your imagination.


I’ll always meet you where you’re at, meaning we will start with the practices that meet your level of comfort.


Are you a ‘hell yes!?’ Book in for a FREE 20 minute ‘Discovery call’ to see if we are the right match.



You’re a ‘hell yes!’ but something is still holding you back?

Yup, super normal. There is that part of you, let’s call it your ‘higher self’ or ‘bigger mind’ or your ‘neocortex’ which has the ability to see what you need and what’s best for you. This part is going ‘hell yes!’


Then there might be another part of you that is going, ‘Whoa, no way, that sounds way too scary’ or ‘I can’t put myself first!’. It’s probably easier to run away right? Pretend like you didn’t actually just see a solution and know that it’s good for you? Maybe you want to fight with yourself and state all the reasons why getting a coach is a bad idea. Maybe you notice right now you have a shortness of breath and you’ll end up feeling paralysed and do nothing to make contact.


Yup, these all VERY common and you know what? Fair enough. Breathe, it’s OK.


These are called your Conditioned Tendencies located in your subconscious mind. These are behaviour patterns you most likely learned when you were young to keep yourself safe, loved, with a sense of belonging and in dignity. We all do it and they have actual done an amazing job in keeping you safe at a time when you needed it. They may however no longer be serving you anymore as an adult. We will work with these in your coaching session. The question for you is;

Will you choose to let the subconscious control your actions and run your life?

How was that gone for you so far?


If you’re also thinking that you couldn’t possibly spend this much money on yourself, guess what? That’s also a Conditioned Tendency. Women in particular can find it hard to put themselves first. Now is the time. If not, then when? The benefits you and others will receive will most definitely be worth the financial investment.


Are you a ‘hell yes!?’. Book in for a FREE 20 minute ‘Discovery call’ to see if we are the right match.