What is Tantra? Discussion and Practices

This is a safe place where we will discuss the in’s and out’s of tantra including what it is and what it’s not! This workshop will help you to see if it’s right for you and/or your relationship. There will be small exercises throughout the evening to help you understand the art further. These will look like individual meditation, small group discussions and movement to music.

Bring all your questions and curiosity. Come solo or bring along a friend/partner.

What is tantra?
Tantra has many different connotations. Tantra is essentially a greater connection to self. By feeling connected, empowered and in love with yourself, you will also be able to relate to others (partners, lovers, family and friends) on a deeper, more intimate level. It has a sexual element to it but this isn’t the main focus. Tantra just takes the taboo off sexuality so that it’s not excluded from your personal growth journey. It helps you feel alive in your body, authentically you, process emotions in a healthy way, build meaningful relationship and yes, increase your pleasure capacity both in and out of the bedroom!

Will this be Sexual?
No, not explicitly. Expect to interact with others through conversation, clear communication, eye contact and touch only in areas that feel safe to you (including no touch if that’s what’s comfortable). Just to be clear, these workshops involve NO nudity or touch in erogenous zones. We focus more on learning techniques that if you choose to, can be applied in the bedroom later on. You’ll learn about your own boundaries and will always be held in a safe container that upholds them. Confidentiality is paramount.

Who is this for?
Everyone! And I mean everyone. Male, female and non-binary. Monogamous couples, singles, open relationship and polyamorous couples. LGBTQ+. ‘Young’ and ‘old’. Any size or shape of body. All religions, ethnicities and cultures. This is a 100% inclusive environment so show up as you are. We want diversity! If you feel a little tingling in your body or curiosity right now, then yes, this is for you.

Read more about what Tantra is here: http://horopitoadventures.co.nz/tantra-workshops/

$15 Special intro price!

*$10 if you’re willing to answer a few questions before and after the workshop on what tantra is for our upcoming podcast. Please arrive 15 minutes early.

Please bring along a pillow or something to sit on.

Bring cash on the night or deposit beforehand:
S K SELLAR, Kiwibank, 38-9018-0512419-01.
Reference ‘Tantra’ with your name.

There will be a special discount offered if you sign up for any of the upcoming Tantra workshop.
Bring $20 cash per workshop to take advantage of it.


31 Aug 2019


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


$15 special intro special, *$10 if you're willing to have a short interview before and after the workshop


The Dunedin Yoga Studio
492 Moray Pl, Dunedin,
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