Boss Babes Brag Night

Boss Babe Brag night!

Calling ALL Ladies! Gone are the days where we act small or cut another sister down for rising up. OLD STORY!

NEW STORY: We are so f*@king powerful and we become even more powerful when we step up and voice it. No more holding back. Own your shit and own your glory! This night will be about bragging, gratitude and intention – all in the right kind of way and held in a safe space so that you can step into your POWER!

What do you mean by BRAG Sarah?! We get told to not take up too much space, be humble, don’t be or share ‘too much’ because you might make someone else feel bad. So what do we do? Down play who we are and what we’re doing. That leads to an acting small mentality. The world is missing out when you down play your innate POWER and GIFTS. That’s selfish holding out on us like that! It’s time to TAKE UP SPACE!

So here’s an invitation to try out a new way of being. In this community it’s OK for YOU to lift YOU up and be INSPIRED by and CELEBRATE the baddass boss babes that are all around us!

Resistance? Yup.
• ‘I have nothing to brag about’ – Really? Is that true? It doesn’t matter how big or small you might think it is, you can brag about it
• ‘What if I get jealous of someone else?’ – That’s called being triggered. Rather than feeling jealous of something or someone, could you recognise that that person has something you want and they are showing you what it is. Thank-you sister for helping me identify what my next intention will be! (We will talk more about triggering in the workshop).
• ‘Do I only have to only brag about things that go my way?’ – No! I brag that I experience high anxiety about who is coming to my workshops and if they will come back and what they think of me AND I still keep running them anyway. Own ALL parts of you including your human side.

This night is inspired by this podcast: (must listen!), lots of personal trial and error and the research I’ve done into Positive Psychology. The Losada Principle suggests that for every one piece of ‘negative’ information we hear, we need 3 – 6 pieces of ‘positive’ info to really flourish (Seligman, 2011 from the book ‘Flourish’). We have to create these spaces just to stay afloat! Bottom line is that we gotta focus on what we are doing well to get more of it. Let’s have a strengths based approach and celebrate and own it when we get it right!

When we can own ALL parts of ourselves including the AMAZING sides and we hold space for others to do the same – Wow! now that’s what I call SISTERHOOD and a sisterhood that I want to be a part of!

Still need convincing? There’ll be nibbles and a glass of wine waiting for you on arrival.
6pm arrive
6 – 6:30pm nibbles and drink and chat
6:30 – 8pm Brag, Gratitude and Intention
8 – 8:30pm Final nibbles and wrap up

Investment $30.
Must RSVP and pay beforehand.

YOU are worthy enough to be given this space. The hardest part might be believing me, committing and buying your ticket. Space for 12 woman only so get in quick.

See you in there, x


13 Dec 2019


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm



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