Wow, why 50% off? In my heart of hearts, I want this to be available to you. It feels right, but I have to be honest, it was a process to make this decision. Read on to see why…

Hello Goddess,

50% off the Women’s Pleasure Salon! Starts in 5 days.

I have 4 incredible women signed up to the Pleasure Salon already. I celebrate them wholeheartedly. Last year we had 12. There are now 5 days to go until we start and my goal is for 18 wonderful women to experience the power of this course to upgrade their connection to self and sexuality.

📍 Discount code: HALFOFF

After the Free Yoni-Love series I heard incredible feedback from women;

“The Yoni Love series was an invitation to lean into the subtle energies of the feminine. In softening, giving my yoni & anus the time and space to open and bloom, I experienced the most powerful squirting from both my yoni & anus.”

When I followed up with attendees to see if they wanted to do the Salon, I heard that finances were a big thing.

So much business advice tells me that I shouldn’t drop my prices, that it will make people think it’s/I’m worthless or that I’m freaking out. I’m not. I would show up for those 4 women and they would receive the very best of me. It would and will be deep and connecting.
And, there was still a sensation of desire inside of me….

I asked myself some hard questions.
What is more important to me? Making the course accessible or ‘keeping face’ so my ego isn’t bruised?


Do I think the course is worth $395? Absolutely. No doubt.
The knowledge, practices, and group calls are powerful and transformational.

Here are some testimonials from last year’s Salon:

“What a wonderful course of self-discovery and self-love on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Each week provided a beautiful practice that I will love to come back to. I loved having the live chats with other women on the course, this kept the journey alive, fresh, and real! Sarah is truly an excellent facilitator providing a safe space to go into these vulnerable areas with openness, support, and courage to step safely beyond the edge of my comfort zone! Definitely recommend!!!”

“The Pleasure Salon surprised me in so many ways. It was not what I imagined. It exceeded any expectations I had and took me down a path of freedom and liberty that I never felt possible. Eye-opening and soul healing. With essential practices of exploration, love, and honesty”

If you’ve got any doubts, cast those doubts aside. Take the plunge, you won’t regret it!

Are you tempted but…

I get it.

Times are tough at the moment. Life is still a bit hectic. It’s hard to commit.

🌹 What could a deep(er), felt-sense connection to your body mean for you?
🌹 What could looking at your body or Yoni with loving eyes feel like?
🌹 What about increasing your capacity to feel pleasure so you and your partner (or partner to be) are having a lovemaking session for hours in satisfied bliss?

🌹What is that worth to you? For me, it’s been life-changing and had an earth-shattering impact.

I fucking love my body. I love moving, breathing and sounding with no inhibitions.
After doing this work I called in the most God of a man that worships me like the Goddess I am.
I have more resiliency so that when life is hard, I love myself and my actions anyway
(kinda like loving myself for the vulnerability it takes to write an email like this!).

If the time isn’t now (with 50% off) then when is the ‘right’ time?
In my sexuality, I waited 7 years to dive into this work. 7 years too long.

Finances are tight. In addition to the 50% off, I’ve added a weekly payment plan. It works out to be $34.50 per week. That’s so nuts for the value you’re getting it’s unreal!

It’s scary to look into my sexuality.
Yes Love, I know. I was there. This course has such exceptional support around you and you choose how deep you want to go. The Facebook group, Sisterhood support pods and live Zoom calls are here every week to hold you.

I don’t know anyone
Don’t worry. You’ll be welcomed in from the beginning. You can also invite a friend.

I’m too….
Old? Young? Fat? ….No you’re not. Period.

I don’t have the space
Well yes, this is a thing. You need to make space in your life for this if you want to get the most out of it. Is there anything you can say ‘No’ too that is less important? Can you create a safe space for yourself once a week? If you’re a full-bodied ‘Yes’ to this course, I know you’ll be able to problem solve, ask for help and then make it work.

Are you a ‘Hell Yes!?’

Are you ready for a juicy, loving and sensual relationship with yourself? And as a bonus, just imagine how this will impact your relationship with your current or future lovers!

Are you ready to say ‘Hell YES!’ to feeling fucking amazing in life?

Right now is the time. There are 5 days left till we start.

Are you with us?’

📍 Discount code: HALFOFF


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