Sarah Sellar

Empowering women like you to feel deeper Self-Love and sexual pleasure.

The horopito leaf is as known as the NZ pepper tree.

It has deep healing properties and when combined with love, will help deliver a more vibrant and spicy you!! Are you ready to say ‘YES’ to the best adventure of your life?

I specialise in empowering you to increase your self-love and sexual pleasure through the principles of Tantra.

Everyone needs and deserves more self-love and sexual pleasure. Here’s how and why….

You might be feeling stuck in your processes and behaviour patterns, be allowing your inner critic to rule your life and/or want to take your personal growth to the next level of amazing!

Tantra is an ancient modality that breaks through old belief patterns and allows you to step into a vibrant, alive and more present life. In all my work I include your whole being in healing; your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and sexual bodies. If any of these are out of balance, it will affect your ability to receive and manifest true love and more pleasure into your life.

I’m different because I work with all of you and this is why I can offer deep transformational and long-lasting change. Read more about what Tantra is here.

What is Self-Love and why do you want more of it for our pleasure and in life?

Deep down you’ll have your own definition of Self-Love. Self-Love is what allows you to answer these questions in full truth,

‘What do you really long for?’
‘If you had total confidence and compassion within yourself, how would you be showing up in the world?’
‘What and whom is really important to you?’

To me self-love is the foundation for everything. Better and more loving relationships, understanding our emotions and reactions, listening and trusting our bodies, feeling incredible pleasure including next level orgasms and having unwavering compassion for the parts we love, and the parts that we don’t yet love.

I offer;

1:1 Self-love coaching packages;


a 6-week online course, “Women’s Pleasure Salon

Online Course

A 6-week online course, “Women’s Pleasure Salon” for greater Self-Love and Connection. Especially great for those who feel disconnected from their bodies, sexuality, have low libido and/or what a more rocking sex life!

Women's Pleasure Salon

Self-Love Coaching

Self-Love is the heart, key and foundation for all your deepest desires to be actualised. I can guide you through a transformative process that gives you lasting results and support every step of the way.

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