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Invoking the ability to lead happier, juicier, more fulfilling lives.


Tantra puts the spice and feeling of connectedness back into the everyday. Tantra is about feeling totally ALIVE within your body and in life. Our workshops will help you tap into your own capability, your self-worth, reaching desires in all areas of your life and yes... making the bedroom more sensual and electric!

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Feeling a little flat in life? Need to refocus your direction? Come feel alive again by connecting to nature and adventure, your body and other women. Join us for our women's specific retreats.

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If you're interested in private coaching then please contact me to organise an individual or couples session.

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What is 'Horopito'?

The leaf of the Horopito plant has a spicy kick when nibbled.

This is what Horopito Adventures will help facilitate in your life. Add that little bit of extra kick that you’ve been missing. Whether it’s Women’s Transformational Adventure Retreats (offered throughout NZ), or Tantra workshops based in Dunedin, you will gain more tools to connect deeply with yourself and others, and live the fulfilling life you deserve.

horopito leaf